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About us

About us

Competence to master the future

There is today an unprecedented demand for medical know how. Innovative developments in medical technology, sophisticated new treatment methods, increasingly more stringent requirements for hospital and quality management and last but not least the delight in learning have given rise to a huge and ever increasing demand for professional development and training.

The Aesculap Academy enjoys a worldwide reputation as a leading forum for professional development and training in the field of medicine. Under the umbrella of B. Braun, it offers a programme to keep doctors, theatre staff, specialist personnel in hospitals and medical practices and hospital managers fit for the future.
A centre of knowledge, dialogue and culture: the ancient amphitheatre Live via the Internet into the operating theatre: a matter of course in the Aesculap Academy auditoria.
The Aesculapium in Tuttlingen is the cradle and headquarters of the Aesculap Academy. Its architecture alludes to the most ancient centres of dialogue in the field of medical knowledge: the places of worship dedicated to Asclepios, the Greek god of healing. True to this ancient divinity from which it takes its name, the Aesculap Academy is totally dedicated to the propagation of knowledge and interdisciplinary dialogue. In line to international standards.

The Aesculap Academy champions interdisciplinary and interprofessional dialogue and effective knowledge transfer. more >>

Innovative Learning Processes

The Aesculap Academy uses effective teaching and learning processes, such as digital high tech media and interactive dialogue. more >>

Global Network
From the Aesculapium in Tuttlingen / Germany to the global education centre: the Aesculap Academy has long been established on all the continents of the globe. more >>
You can contact us at the following address:

Aesculap Akademie GmbH
Am Aesculap-Platz
78532 Tuttlingen / Germany

Telephone +49-7461-95-2001
Fax +49-7461-95-2050
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Kansainv. kurssit Kansainv. kurssit


Aesculap Academy / B. Braun Medical Oy
Karvaamokuja 2b
00380 Helsinki

Puh. +358 (0)20 177 2700
Fax   +358 (0)20 177 2720

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